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In 2017, we launched Lehigh@NasdaqCenter to extend Lehigh's entrepreneurial spirit on the west coast and beyond. L@NC is an exclusive academic in-residence collaboration between Lehigh University and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. Each year, we serve hundreds of students through high-impact, immersive learning experiences - innovative programs like the Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship, Startup Academy, and remote courses - that change the way students see themselves and the world. Join us on our journey to educate, connect and inspire the next generation of global entrepreneurial leaders.

This network of startup and student talent, working together, is the fuel that drives the problem-solvers, change-makers, and leaders who are making our world a better place.
John Simon, Lehigh University President

Global Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship education has traditionally focused on preparing one type of student for venture creation, and has been perceived by some as inaccessible or irrelevant. Lehigh views entrepreneurship differentlymore broadly. It’s not just about launching a venture, it’s about being entrepreneurial in any setting. And it needs to be global, diverse, and inclusive to be effective. We call it: global entrepreneurial mindset. Watch New Paths to Entrepreneurship to hear how alumni, students, and faculty describe this transformative approach to learning. 

There’s not just one path to entrepreneurship, there are many. What’s yours? Explore our programs, stories, and insights to start your journey.
  • Lehigh President John Simon at New Paths to Entrepreneurship exhibit opening
  • Startup Academy student on Nasdaq tower in Times Square
  • What's your path exhibit
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Where we are leading conversations on the global entrepreneurial mindset

Paths to Entrepreneurship

First-hand stories from our alumni about the impact of their entrepreneurial learning at Lehigh