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Welcome to the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter podcast where we are leading conversations in innovation and the global entrepreneurial mindset! In this series, we are exploring the topic of women in technology and disruptive engineers. Through engaging conversations with female leaders in Silicon Valley, technology builders Samantha Walravens—technology journalist, Forbes columnist, and co-author of Geek Girl Risingdiscusses timely topics such as the importance of diversity and representation in product development, female founders and funders, as well as the importance of leadership, and human-centered design. Learn what you need to know about women in technology the latest engineering innovations by listening below and be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you find your favorite podcast content!

Latest Episodes

April 08, 2022

Our final episode of the 2022 Women in Technology and Innovation series, features Samantha Walravens in conversation with young alumni Samantha Orlan, Senior Program Manager at Narvar. Learn how Samantha Orlan navigated her early career in tech and when she knew it was time to seek out her next professional opportunity. She also shares insights on the value of professional development and how important mentorship is to achieving your career goals.

April 01, 2022

In Episode 3, we continue our discussion on Women in Technology and Innovation featuring Samantha Walravens in conversation with Jessica Davidoff, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Easton Rae. Listen in as Jessica discusses her experience building companies, how she has learned to trust herself, the unique opportunities and challenges for female founders, and how to plan a successful exit.

March 25, 2022

In Episode 2, Samantha Walravens speaks with Aimée Lapic, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro. Listen in as Aimée shares her insights on how to effectively communicate using data, why empathy is so essential for marketing leaders, and the importance of diversity and inclusion!

March 18, 2022

Join Samantha Walravens for a discussion with Kate Adamson, product lead at Plaid, and Archie Agrawal, product lead at Amazon on how technology can be leveraged as a partner and connector for humans through machine learning, AI, and FinTech.

May 26, 2021

Samantha Walravens leads a ranging conversation with Kathleen Egan, the Co-Founder and CEO of ecomedes about how she is building sustainable enterprises. Kathleen discusses how her passion for surfing and background as an engineer and consultant intersects with her mission to simplify sustainability and scale green building. Together they examine how disruptive engineers are creating new solutions to reduce negative environmental...

May 19, 2021

This week, Shanna Tellerman, the CEO and co-founder of Modsy, sits down with Samantha Walravens to discuss her passion for design and technology, and how she built this into a virtual interior design company. Before founding Modsy, Shanna was a partner on the investing team at Google Ventures. Learn about her journey from studying landscape painting to developing cutting-edge 3D visualization platforms and how she uses disruptive...

May 12, 2021

Samantha Walravens and Luis Dussan discuss how AEye is making next-generation transportation a reality using LiDAR systems. Building on his experience as an aerospace engineer, Luis founded AEye in 2013 with a unique perspective on how to effectively enable LiDAR-enhanced perception for automated driving systems and robotic vision. Luis shares insights about building a high-performing team and advice for students launching...

May 05, 2021

Host Samantha Walravens leads an engaging conversation with Liz Maida about how she pivoted her career from civil engineering to internet infrastructure and eventually founded her own cutting-edge cybersecurity company, Uplevel Security. As the founder and CEO of Uplevel Security, she created the industry’s first adaptive system of intelligence that uses graph theory and machine learning to modernize security operations. Learn how Liz is innovating and creating next-generation approaches to enterprise security.

April 28, 2021

Join Samantha Walravens and Tom Chavez for a discussion about new approaches to data, decision science, and AI. Tom is a technology entrepreneur and is currently building Ketch to automate data privacy, governance, and security. Additionally, through his startup studio, super{set}, he partners with other engineer entrepreneurs to found, fund, and build cutting edge software companies focused on emerging technologies. Learn how Tom leverages his background in computer science and philosophy to create disruptive solutions...

April 21, 2021

This week, Samantha Walravens hosted a panel discussion with two leaders at the forefront of disruptive technologies. Jeff Rosedale is a registered U.S. patent lawyer working with clients on the cutting edge of science and technology to develop and protect their intellectual property in the areas of biotech, AI, big-data, and nanotechnology. Pranav Gokhale holds a PhD in quantum computing from the University of Chicago and started his own company, Super....