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Learn the Skills and Mindset to Become an Entrepreneur

With this blog, we'll accelerate the global conversation about the intersection of education, entrepreneurship, and the future of work. We'll give voice to our students, professors, alumni and industry partners thriving in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We'll showcase personal stories about challenges confronted and dreams realized. Readers will come away with insight and advice about what it takes to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and skillsand, above all, how the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter is redefining the very concept of entrepreneurship itself.

Even if you’re an introvert who dreads the notion of networking, you can develop your skills to get out there and do it.
In her reflective narrative, Samantha DeWalt shares her journey of grappling with self-confidence as a young woman navigating the tech industry.
Despite progress, women in the workplace, particularly in the tech sector, still face challenges in being authentic. Research indicates that cultural norms and gender stereotypes often pressure women to conform, hindering their ability to express their true selves.
As startups increasingly hire college interns, there's a gap in training and managing them effectively. Samantha Dewalt and Nicola Corzine offer insights on maximizing the potential of early talent.
In the current job landscape, an entrepreneurial mindset is increasingly valued, with half of job ads emphasizing its importance. Samantha Dewalt and Anh Dinh from Lehigh@NasdaqCenter explore the elusive definition of an entrepreneurial mindset.
With nearly one-third of university students aspiring to be entrepreneurs within five years, the demand for entrepreneurship education has surged globally. However, the traditional model focused solely on creating new ventures is deemed outdated.
Lehigh@NasdaqCenter's Managing Director, Dr. Samantha Dewalt reveals her key takeaways from young leaders in Lehigh who worked alongside entrepreneurs playing in the global arena.
Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of emotions, with highs of pride and lows of uncertainty. Research from Lehigh University and Lehigh@NasdaqCenter reveals that these emotions significantly influence decision-making and business outcomes.
Cofounding a business is about more than creating a profitable venture.
Startups are an opportunity for interns to accelerate the real-world learning process while bringing fresh ideas to the company. Nishika de Rosairo breaks down her outlook on startup internships.
Recent Lehigh University graduate Kathy Doan was four times an intern. But her experience with one particular startup spoke to her loudest and clearest. Next came her dream job.
Students in Lehigh’s summer Startup Academy and Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship internship programs are featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square as part of the ceremony.
Connor Sept started this year as a student at Lehigh University's College of Business. but will end it as an investment banking analyst. Learn how one led to the other.
Our graduates will soon be joining startups, consultancies, and Big Tech. Here they tell us what's ahead.
Joining a startup or opening your own business takes a special entrepreneurial mindset. Learn how you can develop yours.
Learn how our alum, Jamie Ghazaii, is choreographing her career as an entrepreneur one step at a time. By embracing creativity, taking risks, and incorporating lessons from mentors, Jamie is creating opportunities and building community.
How are women entrepreneurs thriving and leading in today's competitive business landscape? Learn six key lessons from Samantha Walravens' experiences as a tech entrepreneur, educator, and journalist.
Discover how Juwon Owolabi charted his entrepreneurial journey from cutting lawns to engineering school to launching his own restaurant. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset starts with understanding and embracing your unique purpose and passion.
What does it mean to be an entrepreneur and how do we prepare students with the skills necessary to succeed in the future of work? Learn how Lehigh@NasdaqCenter accelerates student transformation and societal impact through inclusive entrepreneurial education, research, and thought leadership.
Wondering what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Our research reveals the 11 critical dimensions found in an entrepreneurial mindset that you can develop. Learn more now.
Students are hungry for real-world, entrepreneurial learning opportunities that allow them to explore their passions and interests, but unfortunately, access to this type of education is still limited.