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We are an exclusive education-industry partnership between Lehigh University and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. We believe that fostering the entrepreneurial mindset in students from diverse backgrounds and across all disciplines can create the risk-takers and change-makers of tomorrow. 

Whether bound for established businesses or set to start new ones, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter students develop the mindset and skills to transform and innovate. Our inclusive entrepreneurial education, hands-on approach, pioneering research, and far-reaching thought leadership equip students for the future of work and life.

Western Regional Office

Based in Foster City, just south of San Francisco, Lehigh's Western Regional Office (WRO) extends educational opportunities for Lehigh students and faculty by building curricular and research partnerships with dynamic enterprises in selected key cities within the Western Region.

The Lehigh@NasdaqCenter partners closely with the WRO on academic programs, student recruitment, alumni relations, university events, development, corporate and industry partnerships and career services.