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Entrepreneurial Leadership

This workshop guides participants through a series of exercises to discover and build their entrepreneurial leadership skills. Focused on ten key traits of entrepreneurial leaders, the toolkit supports learning and professional development by helping ground participants through personalized activities including:

  • Grounding in core beliefs and values
  • Envisioning your future
  • Identifying unique strengths
  • Creating an action plan with clear goals

Pitching for Impact

In this course, Entrepreneurial Leadership: Pitching for Impact, you will learn essential life skills like the art of discovering your passion, uncovering problems worth solving, brainstorming wild ideas that lead to meaningful solutions, and ultimately, creating that perfect pitch. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills. To enroll in the free course, create a Belong account and find "Entreprenurial Leadership: Pitching for Impact" on the Programs page.

Life Mapping

Student session at the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter

In partnership with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, we developed the Life Mapping Toolkit to help every student and entrepreneur realize their greatest potential by connecting with her/his authentic self. The toolkit yields actionable insights and guidance for individuals seeking to create meaningful personal and professional lives through a series of exercises that explore topics such as:

  • Discovering your authentic self
  • Uncovering your “Why”
  • Reflecting on your Zone of Genius
  • Embracing what makes you unique
  • Aligning your strengths to your Why
  • Building your personal board of directors
  • Envisioning the impact you want to create in the world

Intern Ready Workbook for Managers

The Intern Ready Workbook for Managers includes reflections, exercises, and best practices from over a dozen intern managers at early-stage companies. These are to help you create an efficient and effective landing pad for student talent in your organization. Hundreds of students have also reflected on their own internship experience and this collective wisdom and advice has been translated into a comprehensive intern onboarding planning tool meant to help you:

  • Design and build an effective internship experience aligned with growth goals
  • Plan your students’ onboarding experience for faster integration into the business
  • Accelerate student learning, development, and growth

Milestone Mapping

Nicola Corzine speaks at the Lehigh at Nasdaq Center

Through leveraging their collective intelligence from a wide range of programs, research, and community leaders, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center developed the Milestone Mapping Toolkit. This toolkit is designed for innovators and entrepreneurs to help them set actionable goals that map to their vision. The toolkit covers four areas core to entrepreneur success:

  • Understanding yourself
  • Building a plan
  • Staying accountable
  • Moving to action