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About the Program

Startup Academy is a summer internship program that places top talent students in early-to-mid-stage startups in Silicon Valley. Students work alongside founders and entrepreneurial leaders on business critical milestones key to company growth. The application of lessons learned in the classroom to real-world business problems expose students to the entrepreneurial process and the culture of Silicon Valley. The internship is framed by a credit-bearing class that meets weekly. The class enables students to contextualize and compare their experiences, and to learn from their peers, instructors, and guest speakers. Students receive additional support from mentors in their professional area of interest. Startup Academy bridges the academic with the professional, unlocking unique value for both students and entrepreneurs. Students are exposed to the operations of startups in their early stages, learning about all aspects of the business in a high velocity environment. This applied experience is not something that can be taught in the classroom. 

This program provided such a unique summer and internship experience. I met so many amazing people and loved the projects I had the opportunity to work on.
Startup Academy Graduate
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