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Since 2017, the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter has continually innovated on new programs and initiatives that serve students and the broader Lehigh community. Learn about our major events, activities, and growth over the years. Explore your path to entrepreneurship with the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter!



Lehigh@NasdaqCenter launch party
Lehigh@NasdaqCenter Launches

January 2017

The Lehigh@NasdaqCenter was created to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, and to accelerate the adoption of a global entrepreneurial mindset in all Lehigh students. More than 170 people attended the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter Launch party to celebrate the groundbreaking partnership.

First Women in Technology Course at Lehigh@NasdaqCenter
First Women in Technology Course

March 2017

Students enrolled in the first Women in Technology Course at Lehigh@NasdaqCenter. The course was an immediate success with one student sharing that “I have honestly gotten more out of this class in the total of seven times that we met than most of my other classes combined. Being in this class has taught me about myself, the importance of diversity, and the work environment as a whole...I’ve never felt more prepared for my future than after taking this class.”

LaunchBayC program at Lehigh@NasdaqCenter
LaunchBayC at Lehigh@NasdaqCenter

June 2017

Fifteen students in the Baker Institute’s LaunchBayC program spent one week immersed in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, accelerating their startup ideas in the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter.

Samantha Dewalt
Sam Dewalt Named Managing Director

August 2017

Sam Dewalt, Inaugural Managing Director of the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, moves to San Francisco to assume her new role leading the partnership.

Creating the Women in Tech class
L@NC Remote Courses Expand

Spring 2018

Lehigh@NasdaqCenter remote courses bring Silicon Valley to Lehigh’s door step (virtually). Founders, funders, executives, and social innovators are live streamed via videoconference from Lehigh@NasdaqCenter to students taking courses on campus in Bethlehem.

Authentic leadership panel
Unlocking Your Authentic Leadership Workshop

March 2018

More than 60 members of the Nasdaq Center community - entrepreneurial leaders and founders from diverse industries - participated in a day-long workshop on Authentic Leadership, hosted by Lehigh and Nasdaq.

Startup Academy graduation
Startup Academy Launches in San Francisco

Summer 2018

The first cohort of Lehigh Business Startup Academy interns immerse in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, developing their entrepreneurial mindset and skills through a 10-week project-based internship with early to mid stage startups in San Francisco.

Student interns in Delhi, India
Global Entrepreneurial Internship Launches in India

Summer 2018

The first cohort of Global Entrepreneurship Interns embark on New Delhi, India. Student learn about entrepreneurship in a global context and develop their global entrepreneurial mindsets through an 8-week internship with startups. The program is a partnership between Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, the Baker Institute, and Lehigh’s Office of International Affairs.

Student interview in the studio
Launch of Dateline Silicon Valley

Fall 2018

A partnership with Lehigh’s College of Arts and Sciences, students in Dateline Silicon Valley produce and distribute multimedia stories across a range of platforms about the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. The course includes a trip to the Bay Area, where the media fellows meet with top leaders in the media industry, conduct on-camera interviews with featured entrepreneurs and report on events at the Center.

TV screen displaying remote class session
Business, Social & Education Entrepreneur Launches

Winter 2018

A partnership with Lehigh’s College of Education, the Business, Social, & Education Entrepreneur course explores the entrepreneurial journey of founders across business and non-profit sectors, emphasizing the social impact startups can have on society.

Student intern in London
Global Entrepreneurial Internship Expands

Summer 2019

In summer 2019, the Global Entrepreneurial Internship expanded to London. A cohort of six students spent the summer interning in the entrepreneurial ecosystems of London and New Delhi, flanked by immersive experiences at the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter in San Francisco.

Nasdaq closing bell ceremony in San Francisco
Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony

Summer 2019

The 2019 graduating classes of Startup Academy and the Global Entrepreneurial Internship helped close the Nasdaq Market during a closing bell ceremony with celebrity bell ringer, actor Macaulay Culkin, and his Bunny Ears co-founder Stewart Miller (Bunny Ears is a new satirical publishing platform).

Lehigh students on Nasdaq Tower in Times Square
Nasdaq Tower in Times Square

Summer 2019

Startup Academy and Global Entrepreneurship Internship students were featured live on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square.

Chris Kauzman leads a student workshop
Design Thinking for Innovation

Fall 2019

Lehigh@NasdaqCenter partners with Chris Kauzmann, the Baker Institute's Innovator-in-Residence, to help students design their life through a new Design Thinking for Innovation course.

Lehigh President John Simon at New Paths to Entrepreneurship exhibit opening
New Paths to Entrepreneurship Opens

January 2020

Lehigh@NasdaqCenter celebrates three years and opens New Paths to Entrepreneurship, an interactive exhibit on global entrepreneurial mindset and its impact on the world.

James Berneking
James Berneking Joins the L@NC Team

Winter 2020

In January 2020, James Berneking joined the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter team in San Francisco as Innovation Programs Manager.

Recording the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter Podcast
Recording the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter Podcast

Spring 2020

Launch of the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter Podcast with a 7-episode series on Women in Technology and Innovation. Throughout the series, Samanatha Walravens interviews more than a dozen female leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

Celebrating a successful internship in Times Square
Celebrating a successful internship in Times Square

Summer 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic presented an opportunity for Lehigh@NasdaqCenter to reimagine Startup Academy and the Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship. Working with the Baker Institute and College of Business, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter quickly pivoted to virtual internships creating entrepreneurial learning experiences for 26 students in San Francisco and around the world.

Silicon Valley Innovation Internship
Silicon Valley Innovation Internship

Fall 2020

With a goal to expand access to additional students, and building on learnings from remote internships in summer 2020, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter launched the Silicon Valley Innovation Internship. This part-time, virtual internship integrates real-world work experience with the academic curriculum through a 3-credit course. Partnering with the College of Business, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter also created a new remote course—Investing in Innovation—that gives students an overview of the venture capital ecosystem.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Research Study Insights

January 2021

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Study concludes, identifying critical attributes in an entrepreneurial mindset. Lehigh@NasdaqCenter’s Research Fellows publish two journals with their research: What’s in a Mindset? Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Investigation of the Antecedents of Opportunity Recognition. Anh Dinh also publishes two articles to the center's blog: What Is An Entrepreneurial Mindset – And Why Does It Matter For Success? and How You Can Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset: The 11 Critical Attributes.

Disruptive Engineers Course Launches

Spring 2021

Disruptive Engineers launches as a 1-credit course available to all Lehigh students, shining a light on the engineering leaders who have built companies and technologies that change the way we live and work.  

Dr. Willy Das Joins the L@NC Team

November 2021

Dr. Willy Das joins the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter as a postdoctoral researcher after obtaining her PhD in entrepreneurship. She conducts a number of academic studies through her leading research on entrepreneurship theories in real-world settings.

Entrepreneurial Networking Research Study Launches

January 2022

The Entrepreneurial Networking Study launches to investigate antecedents and centrality of entrepreneurial networking, serving a structure to design programs that help entrepreneurs develop networking skills and build social networks.

5th Anniversary Nasdaq Opening Bell Ceremony

July 2022

Celebrating 5 years since the start of Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, Startup Academy and Global Entrepreneurial Fellow student cohorts ring the Nasdaq Opening Bell in Times Square.

Emotions in Entrepreneurship Research Study Launches

September 2022

The Emotions in Entrepreneurship Study launches to examine how emotions and ambivalence affect entrepreneurial decision-making and venture outcomes when founders seek information from mentors and advisors — with Dr. Willy Das, Dr. Andreea Kiss, and Dr. Naomi Rothman leading the study.

Dr. Willy Das is Published Twice in FastCompany

Fall 2022

Lehigh@NasdaqCenter postdoctoral researcher Dr. Willy Das is published twice in FastCompany leveraging her work in entrepreneurship studies through the center: 5 rookie mistakes to avoid when choosing business partners and 6 ways entrepreneurs can be more emotionally intelligent.

Student at New Paths to Entrepreneurship exhibit
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